DICE is Trying Something New With the Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Elites

With today’s announcement of Into the Jungle, the sixth Chapter of Battlefield 5’s Tides of War, DICE has revealed plenty of new content which fans can expect in a week’s time. Included alongside the new Solomon Islands map and several new weapons are three new Battlefield 5 Elites; more than DICE has ever included in a single Chapter. Interestingly, the studio is also trying out a new way of making these Elites available to players; One of the new Elites will feature as a Chapter Reward instead of being something that players can buy in the Armoury.

Battlefield 5 Elites Chapter 6 Steve Fisher

The New Battlefield 5 Elites Coming in ‘Into the Jungle’

The first two Battlefield 5 Elites which will be available in the normal way in Into the Jungle are Steve Fisher and Akira Sakamoto. These two will be coming to the game later in the Chapter and will be available to buy in the Armoury. As you might well guess, Steve Fisher is a new American Elite, while Akira Sakamoto is Japanese. Both characters are pilots, with Fisher offering players a unique Knuckle Duster melee weapon, while Sakamoto uses the broken-off Control Stick of a crashed airplane as an improvised bludgeon.

Alongside these two, DICE will also be launching a third Elite at the start of the Chapter. Misaki Yamashiro is an additional Japanese Elite whose signature melee weapon is the Commando Machete. She will be the first Battlefield 5 Elite who is not available to buy in the Armoury. Instead, players won’t have to pay anything to unlock her. Rather, you simply need to reach Chapter Rank 40 before the end of Chapter 6. Doing so will unlock Yamashiro as a Chapter Reward.

Battlefield 5 Elites Chapter 6 Akira Sakamoto

This is the first time that an Elite has been available without requiring players to buy them using in-game currency. Because the Elites are essentially characterful cosmetic bundles with no tangible in-game advantages, they have long been available purely via micro-transactions. However, it seems that DICE may be looking into making Elites available through other means as well. If Yamashiro is well-received by players, it’s possible that more Elites could feature this way in future Chapters.