Fans are Alarmed by LeBron James’ Hairline in NBA 2K23

Gamers have had a chance to catch their first glimpse of the model of LeBron James that will appear in NBA 2K23. Their reactions have not been positive. While the model is impressively detailed and easily recognizable, it looks just a little bit weird. The issue has to do with LeBron James’ hairline. Let’s take a look.

LeBron James’ Hairline in NBA 2K23 Looks Pretty Weird

The model is clearly LeBron James, but you can see why a lot of players are laughing at his hairline. These tweets make their point pretty clearly:

If you compare the hairline in the model to LeBron’s actual hairline in photographs, you can see that it is looking unusually thin and flat in NBA 2K23. It looks like the shape of his head may also be a little bit flat. But it is hard to tell if that is the case, or whether this is an illusion created by the flatness and thinness of the hairline. Regardless, it looks pretty unnatural. It is hard not to imagine LeBron cringing if he’s looked at it.

Perhaps the developers will still have a chance to make some changes before they release the game. Or perhaps the character model will look better in motion and from other angles. The only thing we know for sure is we can expect a lot more memes about this (deservedly so).

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