Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Is Now Available To the General Public

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition was first announced as part of the Far Cry 5 Season Pass. The game released four weeks ago, but until now it has only been available to download by those people who bought the season pass. Now, the remastered game is available for sale as an independent title.

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition

Although Far Cry 3 has been backwards compatible on the Xbox One for some time, the new Classic Edition features remastered graphics; it runs at 1440p, 30 FPS. The game was available for early download as part of the Far Cry 5 Season Pass and Gold Edition. However, now that the four week exclusivity period has elapsed, the Classic Edition is now available to the general public. The remaster is retailing for $29.99. If you’re a fan of Far Cry 3, but not planning to pick up the remaster; Far Cry 5’s recent Title Update 7¬†added outfits based on Vaas and Cintra to the game, allowing players to dress as the enigmatic priestess or the iconic pirate villain himself.

Vaas is Often Cited as One of the Most Iconic Villains in Gaming

Two months ago, a New Zealand -based retailer accidentally posted a product listing for a physical standalone copy of Far Cry 3’s Classic Edition. That leak has now been confirmed; Far Cry 3’s Classic Edition is available as a physical release, not just for online download. While it was available to Season Pass holders, the game was only available for download.

Originally released in 2012, Far Cry 3 was the game that defined the structural formula for every other Far Cry game to-date. It received critical acclaim, and sold extremely well. Vaas, the game’s first major villain, is often cited as one of the best villains in gaming. Certainly, his “The Definition of Insanity” monologue helped cement him as one of the most iconic villains of that console generation. It also set a high bar for future Far Cry villains.