Far Cry 5’s First DLC “Hours of Darkness” is Now Available

Far Cry 5 is set to have three separate DLC expansions. Each one of these is a wholly self-contained story and setting, based on classic B-movie tropes. The first of these expansions, “Hours of Darkness”, releases today and is now available for download. While the DLC’s refocused take on Far Cry 5’s combat appears to have been positively received, the same cannot be said for its story.

Hours of Darkness is the first of Far Cry 5’s expansions, to be followed by “Lost on Mars” and “Living Dead Zombies”, release dates for which have yet to be announced. The DLC casts players as Wendell “Red” Redler, a Vietnam veteran who appeared as an NPC in Far Cry 5. The story takes place during Redler’s time in the Vietnam war, tasking him with rescuing his comrades from the hands of the Viet Cong. Unfortunately, the title of the DLC is rather literal; Hours of Darkness doesn’t offer more than a few hours of new content, and that’s assuming you take the time to do all of the side-content.

Hours of Darkness' Story Can be Beaten in Under an Hour

What Does Hours of Darkness Offer?

If your favorite part of Far Cry games is stealthily clearing out enemy outposts, then Hours of Darkness is probably worth picking up. The DLC places a much heavier emphasis on stealth than Far Cry 5 itself, as you find yourself behind enemy lines and without your usual AI companions to call in. However, if you enjoy Far Cry’s story, then don’t go into Hours of Darkness with high expectations. The DLC is set in a new open-world area. The map is roughly one-fifth the size of Hope County, and there are numerous outposts and side-missions scattered around it. However, the side-missions generally lack the distinct character and originality of those in Far Cry 5. Moreover, the actual story objectives can all be completed in under an hour if you avoid the side content.

Instead of the Guns for Hire, you can rescue American and South Vietnamese prisoners from the Viet Cong. However, these characters function more similarly to the lesser allies in Far Cry 5; they have no particular special abilities, and can be permanently killed if they’re knocked down and you don’t revive them. As they are the only NPCs who can revive you, it’s generally worth trying your best to keep them alive.

The Companions in Hours of Darkness Can Die Permanently

Among the best thing that Hours of Darkness offers is the challenge of Survivor Mode. This mode decreases your health and your inventory, forcing you to play much more carefully. Of course, if you’d rather enjoy a quicker, more explosive outing, there’s Action Movie Mode. This mode expands your inventory size and generally increases the number of explosions. To access these two modes, you’ll need to have completed Hours of Darkness once. This does lend the DLC a certain amount of replayability, perhaps partially making up for its rather brief story.