Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions Will Take Players Beyond Hope County

Far Cry New Dawn is bringing gamers back to Hope County. However, this isn’t the rural farmland and montane wilderness which they may remember. Nuclear devastation and seventeen years have transformed the landscape of Montana into something very different. Not only that, but with Far Cry New Dawn expeditions, players can even travel beyond the county’s borders and out into the wider world…

Travelling Beyond Hope County: Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions

Following on from the dramatic ending of Far Cry 5, Far Cry New Dawn takes place in the same region of America; Hope County, Montana. Although the general topography might be fairly similar, a lot has changed in Hope County since players’ last visit, even on a geographical level. As was recently revealed, the nuclear blasts and their after-effects have irrevocably altered the landscape of Hope County.

Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions Feature Self-Contained Maps

However, the game is also introducing an interesting new feature known as ‘expeditions’. These special missions will allow players to travel by helicopter out beyond the borders of Hope County. “Far Cry New Dawn’s action extends far beyond the embattled Montana setting,” explains a recent gameplay video released by Ubisoft; “with expeditions letting you travel to beached aircraft carriers, occupied Navajo villages, and other completely new self-contained locations to locate and steal back  special packages from the far-ranging Highwaymen, and make a frantic getaway before they swarm you.

Footage from a couple of these expeditions were shown in the trailer, but not in great detail. They sound almost akin to the game’s equivalent of a ‘raid’. Indeed, by setting them off the map, Ubisoft should be able to fill them with plenty more enemies and rewards than the game’s standard outposts. Combined with the ‘light’ RPG mechanics coming in Far Cry New Dawn; these expeditions could help to give the game more challenges in the latter stages of play. It’s unknown exactly how many expeditions there are, or when they become accessible. However, players won’t have to wait long to find out. Far Cry New Dawn will launch on the 15th of February.