Fortnite Challenge: Where To Find Shooting Galleries

Fortnite Battle Royale season 6, week 4 challenges have been released. Just as it was the case before, there are seven challenges split into two categories. Each Fortnite player gets three free challenges, while Battle Pass owners are able to access all of them.

One of the challenges in the Battle Pass category requires players to visit different shooting galleries and get a score of 3 or more points. However, even though this task is not very difficult, many Fortnite players don’t know where to find these shooting galleries. In this article, we will show you the location of every shooting gallery on the island.

Players will have to score at least 3 points at shooting galleries to complete the challenge

Fortnite’s Shooting Galleries

Epic Games rewards Fortnite players with 10 Battle Stars for completing this simple challenge. While the game developer categorizes this challenge as hard, the fact is that players can complete it very easily. However, it is almost impossible to complete in just one match.

There are seven different shooting galleries on the map, with five of them being on the eastern side of the island. Fortnite players can complete the challenge at any five galleries, as long as they achieve the minimum score.

Fortnite Shooting Gallery Locations

Here are the locations of Fortnite’s shooting galleries:

  • Northeast of Risky Reels (I2 quadrant, close to the rift)
  • East of Wailing Woods (bottom right corner of the I3 quadrant)
  • Northwest of Paradise Palms (top right corner of the H7 quadrant)
  • West of Fatal Fields (on the hill, top left corner of the F9 quadrant)
  • West of Dusty Divot (close to the center of the F5 quadrant)
  • The Viking Village (on the road that leads to the village at the top of the B6 quadrant)
  • Southeast of Junk Junction (bottom of the C2 quadrant, close to the place where the soccer stadium was)

The locations can also be seen in the image created by Reddit user thesquatingdog. Additionally, you can use the image for every other challenge for this week.

Shooting galleries for the Fortnite challenge can be found in seven different places

How to Complete the Challenge

After reaching a shooting gallery, Fortnite players will have to move to the right spot to start the challenge. Shortly after, the challenge will start and players will have to hit at least three targets in order to complete it.

While this task can be done with almost every gun, the most optimal weapon for it is an assault rifle. The challenge can be completed easily by using the first-shot accuracy. After all, the only requirement is to hit three targets, which is something every player should be capable of.