Friendly Fire: Far Cry 5’s Latest Weekly Live Event Starts Today

The latest of Far Cry 5’s weekly live events, entitled “Friendly Fire”, has gone live today. For those unfamiliar, Ubisoft launches a new weekly live event for Far Cry 5 every Tuesday. Each event challenges players in a new way, offering unique and exclusive rewards. This week, players are tasked with recruiting NPC followers throughout Hope County and ordering them to kill enemy cultists.

Far Cry 5’s Live Events

Friendly Fire follows on from Sharp Shooter, last week’s event. In every weekly live event, you must complete a fairly simple objective. Complete the objective a specific number of times, and you will earn a reward. Complete it a set few more times, and you will earn yourself a special event reward. Moreover, if the entire Far Cry community completes the objective a certain number of times, every participating player is rewarded with a community reward.

The different rewards have varied each time, but are usually weapons or vehicles for the event reward, and outfits for the community reward. The Shovel Launcher, for instance, was the event reward for White Collar Job.

Friendly Fire

This week, Ubisoft is tasking Far Cry 5’s players with recruiting NPC bodyguards and commanding them in combat. To start, recruit a few Guns for Hire followers. Unfortunately, the nine unique companions do not count for this, you will need random NPCs from around Hope County. Fortunately, opportunities to recruit such people are plentiful. Note that if you have the Leadership skill, you can have two of these NPC followers at once. To complete the event objective, order your Guns for Hire to kill enemies with the D-pad after you have tagged the enemies using your binoculars.

Once your Guns for Hire have killed 5 enemies, you will earn yourself 100 XP and 50 Silver Bars. Once they have killed 10 enemies, you will gain another 100 XP and also earn the event reward, the Rye & Sons MP34. This weapon is an old-fashioned submachine gun painted like Nick Rye’s plane.┬áIf the community has Guns for Hire kill over 50,000 enemies, everybody will earn 100 XP and 50 Silver Bars. If everybody kills 100,000 enemies, everybody also gains a further 100 XP and the Rye & Sons Outfit, allowing you to dress up like Nick Rye.