Sharp Shooter: Far Cry 5’s Latest Live Event Starts Today

Far Cry 5’s latest live event, which changes each week, goes live today. This week’s event, entitled “Sharp Shooter”, is a bit different to the last couple of events. The last three were all relatively simple to complete, tasking players with fairly mundane objectives. This one, however, may take a little more skill to finish.

The last three weekly live events were Pickup Blowup, White Collar Job, and Arcade Noon. Respectively, they tasked players with blowing up cult vehicles with explosives, killing wolves with the bow, and using the game’s arcade machines. This week, the Sharp Shooter event tasks players with scoring kills using a sniper rifle. It isn’t quite that simple, however, as the kills must be made at a distance of over 160 meters.

Sharp Shooter Event Rewards

If you are unfamiliar with Far Cry’s weekly live events, they work like this: each week, Ubisoft sets a challenge. Complete it a few times, and you will earn yourself a reward of XP and cash. Complete it a few more times, and you will earn more XP and a special event reward. Rewards for previous events have ranged from a new car, to a handgun, to the infamous Shovel Launcher. In addition, if all Far Cry players complete the challenge a certain number of times, all players who take part will win a second event reward, which is typically an outfit.

This week, the task is a bit more challenging than past events. However, you won’t need to do it as many times. Kill 3 enemies with a sniper rifle at further than 160 meters, and you will earn 100 XP and 50 Silver Bars. Kill 6 enemies, and you will gain another 100 XP and also unlock the Armstrong Plane. This week’s event reward is a plane owned by the game’s sniper companion, Grace Armstrong. In addition to being a useful vehicle, the Armstrong Plane comes fitted with a rear gunner seat and a mounted, rear-facing machine gun.

If all Far Cry 5 players in total manage to score 175,000 kills this week, everyone will gain 100 XP and 50 Silver Bars. If the community passes the threshold of 350,000 enemies, however, then everyone will gain a further 100 XP and the “Hunter” Outfit. You may well recognize this week’s outfit as that worn by the game’s wandering hunters who serve as weapons vendors out in the wilds of Hope County.