Hades is Back With More Content in The Beefy Update

Another month means another update for Supergiant Games’ early access title Hades. The hack and slash roguelike has been inundated with new content since its launch, as any early access title should be. Supergiant has been committed to supporting this game in meaningful ways, and the recent Beefy Update has once again delivered on that promise.

In The Afterlife of Heroes

The fourth major update since Hades’ initial launch has once again brought significant alterations and additions to the game. New areas, characters, plot elements, and foes all await players eager to jump into the latest version of the indie underworld. As the title would suggest, The Beefy Update is indeed a big one.

The new biome available for exploration is none other than Elysium. This idyllic depiction of the Greek afterlife will no doubt be a bit less idyllic given the fact that it’s rife with monsters and challenges. Supergiant seems to hint that said challenges will be formidable, so it’s best to go equipped with a reworked dash and updated weapons.

Zagreus’ Heart-Seeking Bow now staggers enemies, and his Shield of Chaos offers higher damage output and invulnerability during Bull Rush. The game’s latest weapon, the Adamant Rail has also been upgraded with an improved Bombard special and another projectile hitbox increase. The Stygian blade’s Nova special now has a slightly reduced recovery time, but some weapons and abilities have been slightly nerfed. The Eternal Spear’s Throw special now has reduced damage, and Wrath’s meter buildup has been slowed.

As previously mentioned the brand new biome of Elysium has brought with it some new challenges. The Exalted and the Nemean Chariot now await those brave enough to face them in the new realm. Perhaps the biggest additions to be found in Elysium are Theseus and the Minotaur. According to Greek mythology, Theseus entered Daedalus’ labyrinth, engaged the Minotaur in battle, and decapitated the beast. It’s safe to say they may not be on the best of terms.

Over a dozen new boons and god abilities have been added as well. With over one-thousand new lines of dialogue, The Beefy Update has brought a lot of meaningful story-driven content to Hades to boot. With dozens more tweaks and upgrades to be discovered, players are sure to be pleased when they enter the improved underworld. The remainder of the content in the hefty update can be found in the Hades game client. Once players are done discovering all the new things this update has brought they can eagerly wait until next month’s big additions.