Scourge of the Furies Is Darren Korb’s Latest Track For Hades

Darren Korb is an unparalleled talent within the indie games scene. His award-winning musical compositions have been featured across every Supergiant Games production and each one aids in presenting the environments and stunning scenery offered by the developer. New music from their early access title Hades continues to be released as development chugs along, and fans are getting an even better listen to what the roguelike will bring to the table upon full release.

Hades’ List Of Excellent Songs Grows Yet Again

Korb’s expertise and visionary composition are undeniable staples of each Supergiant Games title. Hades is certainly no exception to this rule. From eerie tone-setting background tunes to blood pumping guitar riffs, Korb’s versatility is one of the things that helps set his work apart from the rest of the industry. This versatility is something that is shown off in ample detail with his latest track Scourge of the Furies.

With the final two furies joining their sister in the latest major update, it makes perfect sense that Supergiant would celebrate such a family gathering with a high octane track like this one. Scourge of the Furies ramps up from dazzling synths to ripping guitar chords in seconds, grounding players to the action undoubtedly filling the screen. Of course, the tone is absolutely on point for a hectic romp through the underworld, but what else would fans expect from Korb?

Supergiant Games consistently empowers Darren Korb to orchestrate phenomenal accompaniments by providing him with the perfect canvases. His inspiration no doubt stems from the gorgeous visuals and intriguing worlds the developer consistently creates. His collaborations with Transistor’s lead voice actor Ashley Barrett lead to months of tweaking and composing to get certain songs and audio cues to match perfectly with her voice. Korb is someone who consistently demonstrates the lengths he will go to master his craft, and the Hades soundtrack reflects that expertly.