Last Chance to Play Borderlands 3 Slot Machine Mania & Trials Take-All

Tomorrow, two Borderlands 3 mini-events which are currently active will both come to an end. Last week, Gearbox launched the Slot Machine Mania and Trials Take-All events, taking over from Door Busters and Takedown Shakedown. These will end on the 9th of April, and we expect two new events to take their place shortly thereafter.

Borderlands 3 Mini-Events: Slot Machine Mania & Trials Take-All

The two current Borderlands 3 mini-events are expected to end at around 9:00 AM PT on the 9th of April. As such, gamers only have a little time left to take advantage of their respective offerings. The first, Slot Machine Mania, makes the game’s various slot machines potentially more lucrative; increasing the chances that they will drop Legendary gear, while simultaneously increasing the chances that they’ll drop a live grenade.

Borderlands 3 Mini-Events Slot Machine Mania Ends Tomorrow

The second mini-event, Trials Take-All, specifically improves the chance of getting loot in the Proving Grounds Trials. So long as the event remains live, Proving Grounds Trial bosses have a 100% chance of dropping loot from their respective pools. It’s currently unknown what new mini-events Gearbox will be launching tomorrow. It’s likely that one of the new events will follow the same format as Trials Take-All, however; offering better loot in one of Borderlands 3’s side-areas. This same format was used in Takedown Shakedown, then Trials Take-All, so a third iteration wouldn’t be surprising.

Whatever the case, Gearbox has confirmed that they plan to keep new weekly mini-events coming throughout April. Meanwhile, the Co-op Loot Drop event, which causes Badass enemies to drop more loot while you’re playing co-op, is to remain live all month. It will eventually end on the 30th of April, as we approach the start of Revenge of the Cartels, the next major Borderlands 3 seasonal event. If you’re looking for more new things to do in Borderlands 3, it’s worth noting yesterday’s release of Borderlands Science. This new arcade puzzle game can be found in Tannis’ infirmary aboard Sanctuary III. While it does offer in-game rewards, the game was developed in conjunction with real-world science initiatives to help further the study of the human gut.