Will Losing Connection in Fallout 76 Be a Problem?

Fallout 76 multiplayer brings with it a huge array of new opportunities for the Fallout series. However, the feature also introduces many new complications. So far, Bethesda has been fairly open about their rules for new systems like PvP, trading, and instanced loot. One key issue for a game which is on servers and always online is, of course, player connectivity. What happens if you lose connection while playing Fallout 76?

What Will Happen if You Lose Connection in Fallout 76

Press members and others recently got the first opportunity to play Fallout 76 during an event at the Greenbrier in West Virginia. Many questions have been answered about Fallout 76 multiplayer as a result, including some concerning connection issues. Given that private servers could take at least a year to come to the game past launch, players will certainly want to know that their gameplay won’t be plagued with connection drops.

Fallout 76 Multiplayer Will Allow a 10-Minute Reconnection Window

According to Bethesda, there will be a 10-minute window for re-connection. If you lose connection to your game, and can reconnect within that window; “it will automatically join you with your equipment or it will be left in half of what you were doing.”

Apparently, the studio aims to keep the game’s servers “invisible” to players. As a result, the game will track exactly where players and their camps are. As a result, it will always spawn them in that location regardless of whether they reconnect to the same server or a different one; the aim is to make this transition between servers indistinguishable. Players who may suffer from brief internet drops should be happy with this setup; this arrangement should keep such drops from disrupting play too much. Of course, there are still likely to be server issues when the game launches; practically every game falls victim to server problems at launch. Hopefully Bethesda will be able to address these issues quickly. In fact, Bethesda announced today that they will be running a Stress Test ahead of the upcoming beta.