Madden 19 Club Championship: Raiders Gamer Pavan Lakhat Gets Finals Win Vs. Ravens Gamer Ryan Danczak

On Saturday, the Madden 19 Club Championship was officially decided. Gamers representing various NFL teams were part of the initial competition which ultimately came down to just two players. While neither player was representing a Super Bowl 53 team, they were competing for quite a prize. After the steam had settled from some intense battles, one gamer took home the championship belt and a nice bit of cash.

Madden 19 Club Championship Finals

The Madden 19 tournament began on Jan. 30 and wrapped up on Saturday. It started with a total of 32 gamers, one for each of the NFL teams. However, these gamers competed to determine who was the best of the best. It came down to two players for two NFL teams as part of the final matchup.

The two teams represented in the championship finals were the NFC’s Minnesota Vikings and AFC’s Oakland Raiders. Pavan Lakhat was there repping the black and silver, while gamer Ryan “Ibestrafing” Danczak represented the Ravens. The two players met in the championship game on Saturday night as part of the EA Major events. Fans were able to watch the finals live stream online via the official Twitch channel.

Ahead of the tournament, EA Sports referred to Ibestrafing among their “sleepers” for the competition. He won the Madden 17 Vikings Club series but finished as a runner-up last year. This year, he was back in form and made it to the Championship finals.

However, his opponent in the finals emerged from under the radar. EA had referred to the 18-year-old Pavan as part of their “rest of the field” section. However, they indicated he’s a two-time Raiders Club Champion. They also mentioned Pavan was in “an interesting bracket spot where he could make waves” if things lined up right. It seems things have lined up right.

Madden 19 Club Championship winner Pavan Lakhat

Pavan won the finals game 38-24 with his Raiders squad. He said clock management and playing conservative were a part of his strategy in the win. That netted him the prize of the Madden 19 Club Championship belt, but that’s not all.

In addition, $100,000 cash prize was on the line which Pavan also claimed. The EA Sports Madden Twitter posted an image of the new champion holding up his prized belt after the big victory.

While Pavan won the entire tournament, the three gamers who finished behind him also won a bit. Second place was awarded $75,000, while third and fourth each receive $40,000. In addition, all four gamers are headed to the Madden Bowl this year. So there is a possibility these gamers who were runner-ups will see their names in the headlines in the future.

For now, congratulations are certainly in order to Pavan Lakhat for his big win on Saturday. It should be interesting to see what’s next up for this promising young esports star with the Madden 19 game!