Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket Card Released for Ultimate Team

Legendary two sports star Bo Jackson has returned with an endgame-style card for EA’s Madden 20. After previous cards in the 90s, he’s now got the full 99 overall treatment thanks to the Golden Ticket program. Let’s check out the latest fan creation with the Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket card attributes and how to get it.

New Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket card

There’s no need for Power Ups to get this card higher as it comes in at the full 99. Among the key attributes on the Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket are the perfect 99 Speed, 99 Trucking, 99 Acceleration, 99 Agility, 99 Break Tackle, 98 Carrying and 97 Elusiveness. Bottom line, this is the best of the best, and going to be one expensive card.

madden 20 bo jackson golden ticket card

The new Madden 20 Bo Jackson Golden Ticket card outdoes his previous best card, the Ghosts of Madden Past. That particular card is going for 300,000 Coins on the auction listings. Prior to that, there was the Bo Madden Ultimate Team 10 card that gamers coveted for their lineups with a 91 overall rating.

Where to get the new Bo Jackson item in Ultimate Team

Jackson is the latest of the Golden Ticket players released in the game. Previous releases included high-powered cards for Michael Vick and Troy Polamalu. The cards were based on gamers winning Golden Tickets who sent in their concept ideas. Unfortunately, that means other gamers are at the mercy of the few who chose these cards.

The Vick and Polamalu Golden Ticket items along with one for Kelvin Benjamin, are all selling on the auction listings. However, prices are high as these are 99 overall cards. Benjamin sells for the least at 1.7M Coins or more for the PS4 listings, while Vick is going for over four million Madden Coins.

Expect Bo Jackson’s new card to carry a similar price as he’ll be the most sought-after halfback in the game now. We could see it selling for 3 to 4 million Coins once it starts popping up for sale.

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