New Madden 20 Flashbacks Players Devonta Freeman, Jordan Hicks Now Available

A pair of new Madden 20 Flashbacks players was unveiled on December 2 as Ultimate Team keeps moving forward. Each and every week, EA’s Madden Ultimate Team reveals at least two players with upgraded cards for Flashbacks based on a previous performance in their career. For this week’s choices, halfback Devonta Freeman and middle linebacker Jordan Hicks have joined Ultimate Team.

New Madden 20 Flashbacks items for Freeman, Hicks

With Madden 20 Flashbacks, sometimes the player item is based on a game for their former team. That’s not the case for the Atlanta Falcons’ Devonta Freeman who has been with the team throughout his career. His new 91 overall card is for his performance with the Falcons back in 2015 Week 3. In that game, Atlanta defeated the Dallas Cowboys 39-28.

Freeman had 30 carries for 141 yards and three touchdowns to help lead the way. He also caught five passes for 52 yards. In recognition, his new Flashbacks card has upgraded attributes such as 92 Agility, 90 Speed, 89 Acceleration, and 86 Elusiveness. There’s also the Power Up option with his card.

Joining him is Jordan Hicks who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals. Hicks’ card is for a game with his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, back in Week 9 of 2015. In that game, the middle linebacker helped Philly pick up a close 33-27 victory over the Dallas Cowboys thanks to his pick-six during the matchup. He now gets a new Madden 20 Flashbacks card which includes 91 Tackle, 88 Acceleration, 87 Play Recognition, and 85 Hit Power.

To get Madden 20 Flashbacks items, gamers can purchase packs at the Ultimate Store. These cost 3,845 Madden Training currency per pack. Each pack has one random 88 or better Flashbacks player.

The other option is to purchase Madden 20 Flashbacks players through the Auction Browsers using Madden Coins. As of this report, listings for the Jordan Hicks card were between 100,000 and just over 162,000 Madden Coins. The Devonta Freeman card listings were in a range from 127,000 to 146,000 Coins for bids or the buy now option.

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