Madden 20 House Rules: Traditional College OT Available With Weekend League & Solo Battles Suspended

Due to news of a suspension of several popular Madden 20 modes, new House Rules officially launched on August 13. Gamers can participate in something called Traditional College OT on a limited-time basis to earn special rewards. Here are more details on what the new Madden 20 House Rules involves and what sorts of rewards will be available.

Madden 20 House Rules: What is Traditional College OT?

This week’s edition of Madden 20 House Rules will feature a simple concept. Players start in a college overtime situation with their teams in a head-to-head format. Each team will get a drive to attempt to score and win the game. So you’ll need that game-winning strategy in a quick format. It’s as easy as that, and the prizes are quite nice. The more victories one racks up, the better, with 50 the magic number to aim for.

Keep in mind this is only a college overtime format for the head-to-head and not other modes. Also, it may say “college” but doesn’t mean you’ll be using the college teams that are part of QB1 Face of the Franchise mode.

As seen in the House Rules tweet above, getting those 50 wins will result in a “random” NAT 89-90 OVR Superstar Master. Not a bad prize for winning head-to-head games in a simple overtime format! See below for more of the rewards available in this new Madden 20 House Rules.

What rewards does Traditional College OT bring?

There are other rewards available too, based on player rankings. The @MUT_News Twitter account showed off the range of rewards depending on how many wins a gamer achieves. There are rewards for one victory all the way through 50 and up to 300. It’s a quick and easy way to rack up some prizes for simply winning in college OT!

These Madden 20 House Rules arrived as a result of the big announcement that the Weekend League and Solo Battles are suspended. It was mentioned in a Twitch stream yesterday about the new Madden 20 Veterans program. As EA developers and techies are trying to troubleshoot server disconnect issues, they needed to suspend those aspects of Madden 20. It’s expected to last for this week.

So in exchange, gamers have these House Rules for a limited time. Based on the tweets and yesterday’s EA Madden Twitch video, they’ll run until Monday, August 19, so get in there and get those rewards!

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