Madden 20 Signature Animations Video Shows Off Patrick Mahomes, Ezekiel Elliott, & Other NFL Stars

EA Sports is working hard to make sure their newest sports titles have even more of an authentic feel than ever. That seems especially true based on the new Madden 20 gameplay details which arrived at Saturday’s EA Play event from California. EA showcased some unique player animations that will be in the game. These are specific to each player and known as Madden 20 signature animations. Cover athlete Patrick Mahomes and Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott were just two of the athletes revealed in a new video.

Madden 20 Signature Animations: Mahomes, other stars’ unique in-game plays

We already know that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be prominent in the new Madden title as its official cover athlete. He’ll be one of the players who has some cool Superstar X Factor abilities to use. In addition, he’s one of the players in the game with Madden 20 signature animations, as one might expect. Mahomes’ made his “No-Look” pass famous in Kansas City, so it’s no surprise that specific throw is amongst his in-game animations.

Two fellow quarterbacks are also featured in a new Madden 20 signature animations video. They are Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers and the New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees. Both quarterbacks have at least one special animation. Rodgers has the “Throw on Run” pass while Brees has his “Adjusting” animation.

In addition, that video above also features the Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott. His Madden 20 signature animation is the famous moves he does after getting a first down. Zeke does a bit of a spoon or fork-like feed me motion in front of his face before pointing forward with his outstretched arm to signal first down.

EA hasn’t revealed all of the players to have these signature animations just yet but has them for “six to seven of the most popular” QBs. It’s also unknown if some of the players in that video will have more than one. However, at EA Play they mentioned they’ll continue adding signature animations through the year. Madden fans might hit an all-time frenzy if Zeke jumps into a Salvation Army bucket in the new video game.

The new Madden 20 game arrives for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on August 2, 2019. Customers who pre-order special editions get their hands on the game three days earlier.

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