Madden NFL 20 Gameplay Shown During EA Play Event

Ahead of the big E3 event is EA Play, an event in California allowing gamers to get a first-hand look and hands-on feel for upcoming games. That includes the popular FIFA and Madden games from EA Sports. On Saturday, the Madden NFL 20 gameplay was shown off in all its glory for gamers to check out. In addition, Madden 20 closed beta dates were revealed for an early test drive. Here are some of the latest details from Saturday’s spotlight event.

Madden 20 gameplay details revealed with new footage shown

During their demonstration, the EA Madden developers went over the newest aspects of the upcoming installment. That included QB1 Face of the Franchise, the Scenario Engine, Ultimate Missions, and X-Factor Abilities. These have been covered through various streams on the EA Madden Twitch channel and through their website’s Deep Dive notes.

However, the discussion on Saturday brought a look at new footage from the game. There was more discussion of the X-Factor feature with screens showing Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Donald. The EA Play event also included the Pittsburgh Steelers’ JuJu Smith-Schuster stopping by to discuss the game. The Steelers WR said he’s excited for the new game including the brand new X-Factor feature where specific players get arcade-like skills to unleash during games.

Check out the entire Madden 20 gameplay reveal from EA Play 2019 in the video below starting at the 30:17 mark.

Of course with a new game, come gamers worrying over whether it will be a complete disaster. Madden 20 received an endorsement from one of its champions as Drini “Drini” Gojka sent out a tweet late Saturday giving his stamp of approval.

That definitely has it sounding like the new Madden is worth picking up. Drini is amongst the professional champions when it came to the Madden 19 title, so if he’s fond of the new one, it’s a good sign.

Cover athlete Patrick Mahomes in new trailer

It was revealed a few months ago at the NFL Draft that the Madden 20 cover athlete is Patrick Mahomes. He’s the face of the franchise for the Kansas City Chiefs and will be front and center in the Madden promotions. That includes the newest video trailer for Face of the Franchise that EA released on Saturday. See it below for Mahomes’ narration and more look at the Madden 20 gameplay.

Madden 20 closed beta details, date revealed

Madden also provided details for their upcoming closed beta where gamers will get a hands-on feel for a number of the new gameplay features. That will take place from June 14 through June 16. EA’s Madden NFL Twitter sent out a chance for gamers to have that opportunity to test out the game.

The beta will be available for individuals who attended EA Play. It also will be made available on various social media channels or other online platforms from June 10 through June 14.

The Madden 20 closed beta won’t include the Face of the Franchise part of gameplay yet. However, it should provide a look at the other upcoming aspects and give those who test it some early practice with them. Otherwise, the game officially arrives with Standard Edition on August 2, and the higher-priced editions arriving three days earlier with pre-order.

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