Madden 21 Championship Series to Include New King of the Hill, Derwin James v. The World Events

Details for the all-new Madden NFL 21 Championship Series have arrived including some exciting new additions to this year’s lineup. In addition to the returning majors and Madden NFL Club Championship, there will be new tournaments and entertainment offerings. They’ll include King of the Hill and Derwin James v. The World which will bring a mix of celebrities, athletes, and professional Madden players into the competition.

What’s new in Madden NFL 21 Championship Series?

With the arrival of the new Madden 21 game also comes new aspects of the Madden NFL 21 Championship Series. That included a new MCS trailer reveal on social media (below) to help launch the new season.

As seen in the trailer and according to EA’s MCS details, one of the new components is called Madden NFL Owns Tuesday Night. This will reportedly bring “gamers and football fans alike accessible competitive action and entertainment every Tuesday night.”

King of the Hill will run from Sept. 15 through Oct. 27 and feature weekly single-elimination tournaments. NFL athletes and two elite Madden NFL competitive gamers will compete. The winner each week moves on to face a new competitor for the next week. There will be a $50,000 prize pool and NFL players will have their shares donated to charities that they choose.

Last but not least is Derwin v. the World. This is headlined by Chargers safety and Madden enthusiast Derwin James of the NFL. James is considered one of, if not the best players on Madden from the league. He’ll take on celebrity and NFL athletes in competitive matches each week. Ultimately, he’ll go up against whoever wins the Madden NFL 21 Club Championship. Derwin v. The World runs from Sept. 15 through Dec. 22.

What’s returning for MCS in 2020-21?

History was made when Pizza Hut Stadium made for the first-ever sponsored stadium in Madden NFL 21 Championship Series. They’ll return with the sponsored stadium in all of the Madden 21 competitions. This season, competitions will feature a “newly renovated virtual Pizza Hut Stadium.”

Here’s a look at some parts of last year’s sponsored virtual stadium.

The Madden NFL 21 Club Championship also returns. This features competitive gamers representing each of the NFL teams. Competitors will play this season’s matchups remotely, with one winner claiming the Club Championship. As mentioned above, that winner goes on to face Derwin James in the Derwin v. The World series.

There will also be a number of EA Majors returning for Madden NFL. The prize pool is a total of $1.4 million, which makes history as the largest ever in the competition. Among the tournaments are the Madden Challenge and Madden Bowl. Details will be forthcoming with the official announcement of events.

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