Madden 21 Power Up Expansion Players Group 2 Includes Reggie Wayne Ultimate Team Upgrade

More Madden 21 Power Up Expansion Players are on the way to the Ultimate Team mode, which will allow gamers to further upgrade their rosters. Leading the way is former Super Bowl champion, Reggie Wayne, to give another upgraded option at receiver, and a boost for Indianapolis Colts theme teams. There are also several key defensive players for those in need on rosters. Let’s check out the four expansion players revealed so far, and predictions for others.

Madden 21 Power Up Expansion players include Wayne, Richardson

On Monday evening, the @EASports_MUT shared a teaser of what’s to come for Ultimate Team with four of the Madden 21 Power Up Expansion players coming on Tuesday. Power Up Expansion basically upgrades what’s possible as far as Power Up player card ratings. The most recent of these helped boost specific player’s Power Ups to 98 OVR cards, and based on the MUT tease, this will be the same.

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne headlines this latest group, so far, with his potential to move to 98 OVR through expansion. We’ve previously seen Reggie Wayne in the Madden Legends release with a 91 OVR his best item in that promotion.

Joining him are cornerback Mike Hilton of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Matt Birk of the Minnesota Vikings, and defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson of the Cleveland Browns. The tweet below shows some of the players’ top Power Up ratings via the expansion.

Their expansion upgrades arrive in Madden Ultimate Team along with several others. Those other players will be revealed on Tuesday, possibly during an EA Madden Twitch show or on the official Twitter.

Last Tuesday, the first group of Madden 21 Power Up Expansion players arrived. Those were headlined by running back Saquon Barkley. He was joined by free safety Taylor Mays, MLB Takeo Spikes, and the Patriots FS Devin McCourty.

Using the Power Up cards typically requires spending Madden Training to upgrade them, having a player’s key card to add to the upgrade, or a special Power Up item.

Who else could appear in MUT’s PUP release?

Predicting Madden 21 Power Up Expansion players could be profitable in some instances. Those Power Up cards will possibly go up in value at the Madden Auction House. So buying the Power Up cards ahead of their release could pay off in terms of re-sale, assuming you predict right.

The Cardinals’ Kyler Murray could be the quarterback that appears in this release if one does. Other options might include Matt Ryan and Vince Young. As far as wide receivers, they already revealed Reggie Wayne for the release, but what about a tight end? Possibly Darren Waller or Tony Gonzalez get a Power Up Expansion unless Gonzalez is in Ultimate Legends.

In the video below, the popular Madden YouTube channel The Actual CC goes over some of these players along with other possibilities.

Once the Power Up Expansions go live in Madden 21 Ultimate Team, we’ll get a clearer picture of which players are getting nice boosts to 98 OVR.

5/18/21 Update: Here is the full list of players in Power Up Expansion 2:

  • Reggie Wayne (Colts)
  • Matt Birk (Vikings, Ravens)
  • Mike Hilton (Steelers, Bengals)
  • Sheldon Richardson (Jets, Seahawks, Vikings, Browns)
  • Elvis Dumervil(Broncos, Ravens, 49ers)
  • Kyle Juszczyk (Ravens, 49ers)

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