Madden 22 Ratings Reveal Week Schedule Announced for Upcoming Events

An annual hot topic is the player ratings for EA’s Madden game as they cause sports fans to debate who’s over or underrated in the pro football world. EA’s team hasn’t revealed any player ratings for the upcoming Madden NFL 22 game, but they’re on the way. A full Madden 22 ratings reveal week schedule is now available, showing when and where to see specific position’s rating reveals.

EA releases Madden 22 ratings reveal week teaser trailer

A new teaser trailer arrived on Wednesday, July 21 for the upcoming week-long event for Madden now known as “Ratings Week.” This will be the showcase event when NFL stars’ numbers in the game are revealed. This includes a look at top players by position, and of course, the heralded 99 Club. That particular club is exclusively for the elite players in the league, who are awarded a 99 rating, the best in the game.

Ratings reveal week officially kicks off Monday, July 26, and ESPN will be involved in the presentation. In the teaser clip below, various players remark about their skills and ratings including one of the Madden 22 cover stars, Patrick Mahomes. Keenan Allen also appears, indicating that he should have 99s for his various attributes. The video below also teases players reacting to ratings, so that’s likely on the way next week.

Top 10 reveals to take place on First Take with NFL stars

The ratings week will begin on ESPN’s First Take when Chad Johnson talks about the top 10 wide receivers. The full ratings reveal for wide receivers will arrive on SportsCenter, with additional coverage on NFL Live. From there, each day will have another top 10 for a specific position on First Take. Fans will get Defensive Linemen on Tuesday, July 27, followed by running backs on Wednesday, July 28. Safeties and Quarterbacks will close the Madden 22 ratings reveal week out.

Each day’s top 10 reveal will feature a well-known player at the position, as shown in the complete schedule below.

Madden 22 ratings reveal week schedule:

  •  Monday, July 26: Top 10 Wide Receivers with Chad Johnson on First Take and full WR ratings reveal on SportsCenterwith additional coverage breaking down ESPN’s NFL commentators and analyst own Madden ratings on NFL Live
  • Tuesday, July 27: Top 10 Defensive Linemen with Vince Wilfork on First Take and live reveal of top 10 Edge Rushers on SportsCenter and NFL Live
  •  Wednesday, July 28: Top Running Backs with Marshawn Lynch on First Take and full running back ratings reveal on SportsCenter and NFL Live
  • Thursday, July 29: Top 10 Safeties with Ed Reed on First Take, with additional ratings revealed on SportsCenter and NFL Live
  • Friday, July 30: Top 10 Quarterbacks with Alex Smith on First Takewith additional ratings revealed on SportsCenter and NFL Live

Which NFL players are in the 99 Club?

While the Madden 22 ratings reveal week hasn’t taken place yet, many gamers probably have some idea of who will appear as a 99 overall in the upcoming game. Several players held that distinction towards the end of last season, per Madden’s ratings database.

That included the Madden 20 and Madden 22 cover star himself, Patrick Mahomes, as well as his teammate, tight end Travis Kelce. Also on the list were the Los Angeles Rams RE Aaron Donald, Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams, Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins, and New England Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore.

Based on the above list, those players could start the Madden 22 season with 99s. It’s possible other players could join them, but fans will have to wait to see what arrives during the ratings reveal week starting July 26.

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