Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football App Pre-Order Details Arrive With Expected Release Date

On Tuesday, EA revealed that the Madden NFL 21 Mobile pre-orders have officially started. That will allow fans of the popular standalone mobile app to make sure they have the app ready to download as soon as it arrives. That expected release date was also announced along with some new screenshots for the game on the various app listing pages.

Madden NFL 21 mobile app pre-order details

EA’s Madden Mobile Twitter sent out a message on July 21 that “preregistration is LIVE!” for the newest version of the app. Along with that, they gave gamers two links to pre-order the Madden NFL 21 mobile app. One of those goes to the Apple App Store for iOS device users, with the other going to the Google Play Store for Android device users.

The app will work on iOS including compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch devices. For Android, it will work on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Based on details on the landing page for the app, Madden NFL 21 Mobile Football app is expected to arrive on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. You can preregister, aka pre-order, and see in-app screenshots by visiting either link on the tweet below.

The mobile game/app itself is free but will include in-app purchases. In the most recent version of the mobile game, gamers could purchase Madden Cash to use for buying in-game items including packs, similar to the video game. There are also Madden Coins, which players earn in-game in different ways, similar to getting coins in the video game.

What is the Madden mobile game?

As mentioned this Madden NFL 21 mobile app won’t do anything special for the game on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC. Instead, it’s a standalone game in which you’re an NFL General Manager. The goal is to go through “dynamic seasons” and try to guide the team to a Super Bowl win.

To do that, you’ll build an Ultimate Team and upgrade that team as you go, similar to the video game. Along the way, you’ll try to unlock Madden NFL Master players such as Superstars of today and Legends of Yesterday.

The game features aspects such as Arena H2H, Overdrive, and Co-op Assist to allow for players to go against one another online or work cooperatively towards goals.

More details about the Madden NFL 21 mobile game are available on the App Store and Google Play listings as well as EA’s help forum here.

If the app arrives in early August as expected, it will provide football game fans something to pass their free time until the new Madden video game arrives. That game comes out on August 28, 2020, officially, but arrives three days earlier for customers who pre-order the game.

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