Madden NFL 22 Ratings: 99 Club Complete, All Player Ratings Revealed

It’s been a fun week of Madden NFL 22 ratings reveals, as gamers have learned which players are the best of the best at their respective positions. The daily reveals introduced five members of the Madden 22 99 Club with three on offense and two on defense. In addition, we’ve seen the top rookies in the game revealed. Now, EA has also unveiled all player ratings ahead of their new football sim game.

All Madden NFL 22 ratings revealed for EA game

The past week was officially Madden Ratings Reveal Week courtesy of EA and ESPN, with programs presenting player ratings on the sports network. On Friday night, former wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was back again. He previously appeared on Sunday as a Madden Ratings Adjustor to present the notable rookie ratings and other players.

Friday evening brought a special in which they unveiled all of the Madden NFL 22 ratings for all players in the game. Ahead of the special, Ochocinco appeared in a short ad to promote the show which featured in-game footage.

As part of the ESPN SportsCenter special, they had various players reacting to their Madden NFL 22 ratings. Among those featured in the clip below are Tyreek Hill, George Kittle, Dalvin Cook, and Chris Godwin.

Based on the clip, the Vikings’ Cook seemed amused by his rating reveal, while others seemed to accept their numbers. Kittle remarked he was good with his rating as long as he had a 97 Speed in the game.

With the arrival of Friday night’s special also came an unlocking of the database. Fans can now look at all of the player ratings over at EA’s website here.

It’s worth noting that Cowboys right guard Zack Martin and Browns right end Myles Garrett both have 98 OVRs ahead of the season, giving them a shot at the exclusive 99 Club.

Five players in 99 Club ahead of game’s release

Throughout the week, we learned which players are considered the NFL’s elite stars heading into the season. Five players made it into the 99 Club for the Madden NFL 22 ratings.

Starting things off was the Green Bay Packers’ Davante Adams who topped all wide receivers in the game with his 99 rating. Several players including Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs were just a point behind.

Tuesday brought us a reveal of the best defensive lineman in the game. The Rams’ Aaron Donald was back in the 99 Club for his fifth time, an impressive feat for an NFL player. His teammate Jalen Ramsey joined him in the club on Thursday, making it his first time.

Two other teammates are in the Madden NFL 22’s 99 Club. One of the cover co-stars, quarterback Patrick Mahomes is back again, as is his teammate, tight end Travis Kelce. As mentioned, Tyreek Hill could potentially join them depending on how everyone fares for the upcoming season.

Madden NFL 22 players ratings to update during season

The player ratings fluctuate in the game as the real NFL season takes place. Ratings adjustors keep an eye on NFL games, Next Gen Stats, and other data. As a player performs well or does poorly, their ratings will reflect that, usually moving up or down a point or two.

Those ratings are typically featured in Exhibition mode, among others, but not as much in select other modes such as the Madden 22 Ultimate Team. Still, players often take notice, and fans certainly debate which NFL stars seem to have been snubbed, including running back Derrick Henry. He’ll still have time to make that jump and get his first entry.

The Madden 22 game officially arrives on August 20, 2021, for the PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PCs, and Google Stadia.

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