Fallout 76 Main Quests #13: How to Complete Reassembly Required

Once you complete Early Warnings, you should automatically start the Fallout 76 Reassembly Required main quest. Compared to previous outings like Key to the Past, this quest is relatively short. Plus, it offers some very nice rewards indeed, especially if you like explosives.

How to Complete the Fallout 76 Reassembly Required Main Quest

With the repairs in Early Warnings now complete, you can retrieve the “Holotape for Rose,” from a desk in Abbie’s Bunker. Don’t rush back to Top of the World, however, as you have a task to complete en route. From Abbie’s Bunker, you need to traverse Route 65 and upgrade the Scorched Detectors which you’ll find along the way. The first can be found northeast of the bunker, close to the road. With that complete, simply follow Route 65 southward, much like the route you likely took to Raleigh Clay’s Bunker during Early Warnings.

Fallout 76 Reassembly Required 1

Once all the Scorched Detectors are upgraded, you can then return to Top of the World. Give the Holotape to Rose to complete the quest’s second objective. With that task done, fast travel back to Abbie’s Bunker to complete the Fallout 76 Reassembly Required main quest. The next main quest, “Coming to Fruition,” should start automatically.

The quest rewards for completing Reassembly Required are particularly good. You’ll receive a random aid item, as per usual, but you’ll also receive both new weapons and weapon plans. Those weapons are Fragmentation Grenade MIRVs and Nuke Mines, and the new recipes will allow you to craft more of both of these. MIRVs only deal about 66% of the damage of regular Fragmentation Grenades, but these cluster grenades explode over a much larger area. Nuke Mines, as the name suggests, are extremely powerful. Note that you’ll need a high rank in the Demolition Expert Perk Card to actually craft either of these. Fragmentation Grenade MIRVs require rank 3, while Nuke Mines require rank 5.