Mass Effect FemShep Statue Looks Badass, Pre-Order Now

“I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite statue on the Citadel!” That’s right everyone, a FemShep statue has recently been revealed and it looks absolutely stunning. As you may know, in the popular sci-fi RPG Mass Effect, you’re allowed to choose between playing as a male Shepard or playing as a female Shepard (FemShep). While MaleShep has always had his iconic look since the very first game, FemShep actually only received her ‘default’ look in Mass Effect 3.  Thankfully this means she’s able to get more merchandise, like this fantastic statue.

This Mass Effect statue has been developed by Gaming Heads, who are already known for creating impressive, professional Mass Effect statues like Mordin, Thane, Tali and our favorite Krogan, Wrex. Now that our companions have had their time to shine, it’s only fair that the protagonist herself gets in on the spotlight. And what a brilliant job they’ve done too, just have a look below to see the likeness of the statue and FemShep herself.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Which is why you’d be mad to miss out on such a great statue, especially if you’re a die-hard Mass Effect fan that’s aching for some new memorabilia to add to your collection. However, like most of Gaming Head’s collectibles, there are two versions available. The exclusive edition which is only sold through Gaming Heads, or the standard which you’ll be able to buy later on.

According to Gaming Head’s, the difference between the standard and exclusive is that, “the Femshep exclusive edition statue comes with comes with an additional M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle and the M8 Avenger assault rifle as found in the regular edition, so you can change your display preference for this statue as and when you wish.”

Now it looks incredible, but we’d understand if you’re a little concerned that this statue is $399.99. But don’t fret, you can also set up an easy to use payment plan so you won’t need to pay it all straight away. Sounds like a done deal to me!

But hurry, there’s only 500 available worldwide. Check the statue out for yourself here.