Maximum Football 2019 Confirms Scott Spindler Will Help Create Dynasty Mode Roster

The calendar may read June 20, however, gamers awaiting the latest release of Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football can’t wait for fall! The anticipation has been building all year long, as Maximum Football has slowly revealed some of the big changes expected for 2019. Now the upcoming college football game has confirmed some big information as tech guru Scott Spindler will be in charge of creating rosters for all 130 teams in Dynasty Mode.

Scott Spindler brings experience

Last night when Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football announced that Scott Spindler would have his hand in the new game, fans reacted in a very positive way.

“We are excited to announce that Scott Spindler @RidinRosters is creating default rosters for the 130 fictional teams in our College Dynasty Mode. Follow his account as he reveals the default teams and players! Remember you can still edit these default teams and rosters yourself!”

Scott Spindler has a growing pedigree in the gaming world. Spindler helped create the latest roster for OOTP Baseball earlier this year, and now he will be laying the groundwork for Maximum Football as well.

Potential to rival Madden?

With still over 90 days before Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football is expected to hit shelves, football fans are wondering if this game can become as big as the Madden series.

When it comes to football in the form of a video game, not many do it as great Madden. That being said, Maximum Football could give Madden a run for its money. Fans will be very interested in a new football game, and the college option is something that hasn’t been mastered yet.

With great options like adding a blue-chip prospect, improved QB mobility and changing your roster on fly, it should have fans wanting more. Football is the king of sports in the US. If this game is as good as advertised, it is going to make a lot of gamers happy this September!

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