MLB The Show 19 Cover Reveal: First Look at Bryce Harper In New Team Jersey

Bryce Harper has found a home! The long-awaited MLB The Show 19 cover reveal was tweeted out Thursday afternoon after Harper reached a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. The contract Harper signed with Philadelphia is the largest in sports history.

MLB The Cover Reveal complete

It was looking like the MLB The Show 19 cover was going to be a bit generic this season. After all, the cover athlete didn’t have a team to play for. With the popular Sony game expected to be released in late March, fans were wondering what jersey Bryce Harper would be wearing. We now know that honor will belong to the Philadelphia Phillies.

In late breaking news on Thursday afternoon, the Phillies reportedly inked Harper to a 13-year, $330 million-dollar deal. Talk about pressure! The Phillies, who had a nice squad last season, have just become a “World Series or Bust” type team. It will also be very interesting to see how Harper is welcomed in DC this season.

The last thing Nationals fans wanted to see was their longtime superstar sign with a team in the same division. Sorry, Washington, the nightmare is real.

MLB The Show Philadelphia freedom

Now that we know the Phillies got a ton better by signing Harper, how will that affect the ratings on MLB The Show 19? It can only make the Phillies trend upward, that’s for sure.

Last season, the Phillies were 19th overall in team ratings, and their  individual stats broke down this way:

  • 4th Speed
  • 20th Defense
  • 25th Contact
  • 4th Power, 15th Pitching

Contact and power will surely have to go up in the ratings, right? Last season Harper hit 34 home runs, drove in 100 and hit .249. The average may have been a bit low, but Harper is a career .279 hitter, so look for that to improve in 2019.

Phillies fans got their wish, now the question is will it lead their team to a World Series title? The MLB The Show 19 cover reveal is now official, and the countdown to the March 26 MLB The Show 19 release is on!

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