MLB The Show 19 New 3rd Inning Bosses Revealed

The 3rd Inning Program has finally arrived. Gamers need to be up to their best abilities when it comes to the latest bosses because all three of them carry a stout 99 overall rating! Earning one of these bosses will take a great effort.

3rd Inning Bosses revealed

Talk about an all-star lineup. The latest bosses are some of the best to ever grace the diamond. First up is the Signature Series Rickey Henderson. The all-time stolen base leader, and arguably best leadoff hitter in the game is a 99 overall Diamond that fans will find hard to resist.

Next up is one of the best, and ironically underrated infielder to ever play the game. The Signature Series Roberto Alomar is also a 99 overall Diamond. Alomar won 10 Gold Glove awards and four Silver Slugger awards. That is insane good! His outfield play gives him a slight advantage over Rickey Henderson on defense.

Last but far from least, we all need a great pitcher, right? How about a youthful Justin Verlander? June 2011 was Justin Verlander’s world and we all just lived in it. Like the previous two, JV is a solid 99 Diamond overall.

The challenges

Are you ready to get those Stubs and Rewards? Here is what you need to do!

First up is the Rickey Henderson challenge. Gamers need to play a 3-inning game with their Diamond Dynasty team against Signature Series Rickey Henderson and the Oakland Athletics. Show Rickey and the A’s how to wheel and deal by recording one extra-base hit and one stolen base without getting caught.

Next up is Roberto Alomar. Can you get him out in a tough situation? It’s the 8th inning and your Diamond Dynasty team’s set-up man is on the mound. You will face-off against the Signature Series Roberto Alomar with the goal of not giving up a run. Once that is accomplished, your team needs to step into the box and score one run to tie the game.   

Finally, it is time to defeat Justin Verlander. In 2011, Justin Verlander won every game he started during the month of June. It is up to you to change that. Using your Diamond Dynasty Team, you need to defeat JV and the Detroit Tigers in a 3-inning game.

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