My Hero One’s Justice Details Customization and Story in New Trailer

My Hero One’s Justice just got a brand new trailer for fans to check out. This rather long trailer at about three and a half minutes details everything that you will need to know about the game from the gameplay basics to the story mode to customization options and more. Though the launch of the game is still a few months away, fans can now have a better understanding of the game.

One’s Justice is based on the hit anime and manga series My Hero Academia that is currently ongoing on streaming services like Funimation. This video game adaptation of the popular series follows Deku, a young boy growing up in a world where the majority of people have superpowers except him. However, one fateful encounter with a certain hero changes his life forever and sets him on a course to become a hero someday.

My Hero One’s Justice allows you to play as multiple heroes and villains from the series. The latest trailer (seen above) should only be watched if you are caught up with the anime and/or manga, as the story elements do spoil some very recent developments. The story seems to be replicating that of the anime and manga, but with the option to play from the heroes’ perspective or the villains.

That should give some better insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. There will also be some major cosmetic customization options in My Hero One’s Justice. Players can deck out their favorite heroes or villains with various costumes, accessories, and more to show off online.

There is also a mission mode where you can earn more accessories and coins to purchase them. My Hero One’s Justice will be releasing later this year on October 26th, 2018 on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more info in the coming months. For other anime-inspired games, check out Jump Force and Black Clover: Quartet Knights.