N7 Day is Here, So Here’s a Mass Effect Tempest Collectible to Celebrate

It’s November 7th folks, which means that not only are we closer to Christmas, but today is N7 day. According to every Mass Effect fan alive, this day is one of the best a year and if you’re able to, is worthy enough for you to have a day off. After all, with the day off you’d be able to sit down and pre-order the Mass Effect Tempest collectible – the brand new item from BioWare that has been revealed today.

As Mass Effect fans remember, Mass Effect Andromeda was released last year in March. To say fan reception wasn’t great is possibly the biggest understatement ever. Some felt betrayed, others confused. No matter who you asked, someone was upset with Andromeda. Even when BioWare worked so tirelessly to improve the game, it was just a case of too little too late.

But, regardless of how you feel about Andromeda, we can all be sure of one thing: Mass Effect is well-loved enough to celebrate. Which is why you should be excited for this Mass Effect Tempest Collectible.

Mass Effect Tempest Collectible

The Mass Effect Tempest Collectible

“Limited to just 500 available and never to be reproduced, get ready to fire all propulsion thrusters on this immaculate replica before it disappears into the cosmos!” These are the first words that you’ll see when you pre-order this collectible. And it is these words that should be more than enough to get you pumped and ready to head back into the Mass Effect universe.

It is approximately 18″ long, which as you can see from above, is pretty damn long. If you plan to add it to your desk, make sure you’ve got the room. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be the envy of all with the Tempest by your side.┬áBut make sure you’ve got money in the bank, because this baby’s expensive.

With 500 available, you should get pre-ordering now. The Tempest is expected to ship from June, through to August, selling for $249.99 .