NBA 2K League 2019 Season: Gaming Teams Prepare, Tipoff Groups Revealed For Schedule

The NBA 2K League 2019 season has plenty of fans excited to see which squad will capture the crown. There will be a lot of cash on the line through the latest season, as well as bragging rights. With that in mind, there’s just a week until the season tips off. Various gaming teams are getting ready for the schedule, with the first tip-off groups also revealed.

NBA 2K League 2019 Season: Gaming teams ready for tip-off

The NBA Playoffs are approaching for basketball in the professional league. In professional gaming, the start of the 2K League 2019 schedule begins on April 2 through April 6 with “The Tipoff.” That will be the opening of the NBA 2K League as the 21 gaming teams begin competitions to ultimately earn cash and notoriety.

In fact, a total of $1.2 million in prize money is up for grabs this season. Will there be a team able to dethrone the reigning champs, Knicks Gaming? The Knicks team recently posted on Twitter about how they took in an NBA game at Madison Square Garden. They’ll open with Week 1 games against Nets GC and Magic Gaming. The latter of these teams also posted on their Twitter about the recent media day in Orlando.

The Orlando Magic Daily Twitter noted on Tuesday (Mar. 26) that there’s “A lot of excitement about the team and group they put together.” They also mentioned that the team features a “Good mix of new players and veterans” this year.

For those who aren’t overly familiar with training for the world of competitive sports video games, it’s more than just playing the game. In a video posted to the Pacers Gaming Twitter page, they showed off a film session. That helps the players study what they did right or wrong in anticipation of their future matchups.

Another team to watch this season could be Mavs Gaming. They recently posted a video called “Meet the Mavs” to present their team with behind the scenes footage. One of the newest players the squad features is MambaMo_ who was their No. 14 pick in the NBA 2K League Draft. Check out the complete video below for more about Mo and the Mavs Gaming squad.

NBA 2K League 2019 Season: Tip-off Groups, Schedule Dates

 Just a few days ago, the 2K League Twitter gave us a look at all of the Tipoff Groups. There are three gaming teams per group, for a total of 21 teams split amongst seven groups. Group 1 consists of Cavs Legion GC, Mavs Gaming, and Raptors Uprising GC. Group 2 has the reigning champs Knicks Gaming as well as Nets GC and Magic Gaming. These two groups will be featured for the 2K League’s opening day.

Group 3 and Group 4 will get started on April 3, while Group 5 and Group 6 start on April 4. That leaves Group 7 for April 5. Viewers will be able to watch all of the games live online too. To do so, head over to the NBA2KLeague Twitch channel on game days.

It all leads to the 2K League finals in early August! Which of the 21 teams do you think is going to hoist the trophy for the NBA 2K League 2019 season?

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