NBA 2K League Draft Results: Chiquita Evans Becomes First Woman Drafted to League

On Tuesday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, history was made in the building. It wasn’t by the Brooklyn Nets, though. It was by the Warriors’ esports team. The Warriors Gaming Squad became the first team to draft a woman into the NBA 2K Sports League. Chiquita Evans now has her name in the history books just before the new 2K League season begins.

NBA 2K League Draft: Warriors draft Chiquita Evans

The NBA 2K League Draft picks included Washington state native Ria as the No. 1 pick for Jazz Gaming. The Warriors Gaming Squad made the second pick with Gradient. These picks were applauded but expected. However, the Warriors would make history much later in the night. In the fourth round came the biggest cheers of the night when Warriors made history by selecting Chiquita Evans as the No. 56 pick.

After getting drafted, Evans commented to 2K League about her moment saying, “It feels surreal. It’s an amazing experience. I’m very glad to be here, excited to be here. It’s a very humbling experience. Women actually got me through this — a lot of my friends who play 2K with me.”

Chiquita Evans is a fitness instructor and former college and semipro player who hails from Chicago. She’ll go by the gamer handle Chiquitae126. She doesn’t just play virtually. Chiquita has participated in basketball all her life, having played at the high school, AAU, college and semi-pro levels.

She admits her favorite NBA star is Kevin Durant. Evans also mentioned she’d love to have a shootout with Stephen Curry, which just might happen based on the team that chose her. Out of Chicago ballers, she’s a big fan of NBA star Derrick Rose for his continual journey in the league. She also professes fandom for veteran star Dwyane Wade.

Chiquita Evans is ready for NBA 2K League challenge

Chiquita will now earn $33,000 to $37,000 to play for the Warriors Gaming Squad plus benefits and housing, per a Washington Post report. When asked about the biggest obstacle she’ll face she told 2K League, “[Proving] that I belong, because like I said, a lot of people feel like I don’t belong here.” She added, “I’ve worked hard, so I’m just proving myself and showing that I deserve to be here.”

The 2018 season was the inaugural season for the NBA 2K League, but it featured no female competitors. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver called that, “A disappointment for us all so far.” That all changes as the 2019 season goes forth. With Chiquita Evans, the way has been paved for more females in this league. Here’s to Chiquita’s success as she makes her exciting journey forward with the league!

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