NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 Brackets: Blazer5, Mavs Gaming Hold Top Spots in Tournament

While 21 teams started the NBA 2K League season, only eight qualify for the 2019 playoffs. This year’s field is now official and will include top seeds Blazer5 Gaming and Mavs Gaming along with six other clubs. Which team will become this year’s champion, though? Here are the latest details on the NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 brackets and first round matchups.

NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 bracket, matchups revealed

In the 2K League season, no team was more dominant than Blazer5 Gaming. They pretty much defeated all opponents en route to a 14-2 record for the season. Mavs Gaming went 12-4 to capture the No. 2 seed. Rounding out the top four seeds are 76ers GC (11-5) and T-Wolves Gaming (10-6).

Also qualifying for the playoffs were No. 5 T-Wolves Gaming (10-6), No. 6 Pacers Gaming (10-6), No. 7 Celtics Crossover Gaming (10-6) and No 8 Warriors Gaming. The playoffs teams feature the first female competitor Chiquita Evans and three of this year’s five league MVP finalists.

Blazer5 boasts one of the 2019 NBA 2K League MVP contenders with impressive player Mama Im Dat Man. However, the tournament features two other players considered amongst finalists for the award. Celtics Crossover’s oFAB will participate and fellow finalist Radiant will be in the tournament for 76ers GC.

Below is the complete NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 bracket with matchups as revealed on the league’s official Twitter.

Of note, Warriors Gaming Squad placed No. 14 in the standings with a losing record of 7-9 for the 2019 season. However, the team automatically qualified for the NBA 2K League Playoffs last month by winning THE TICKET tournament. That shows that this team is capable of going on a run in a tournament format, despite what a season record shows.

However, they’ll now try to pull off a huge upset against a tough Blazer5 Gaming squad. Also of note, TWolves Gaming enters this year’s playoffs in their inaugural season and holds the No. 4 spot. Congratulations are certainly in order for the team after an impressive campaign.

All eight teams will now be aiming for that 2019 2K League championship. A total of $720,000 is on the line for the 2019 NBA 2K League playoffs prize pool.

Playoff date, time & viewing details

The NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 will take place in New York City. They officially begin on Wednesday, July 24th with a start time of 5 p.m. Eastern Time (2 p.m. Pacific Time). The first matchup will feature the No. 1 seed Blazer5 Gaming as they take on the No. 8 seed Warriors Gaming in a mirror image team matchup of the NBA’s 2019 Western Conference Finals teams.

It all culminates with the NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 Finals matchup on August 3. At that time, one team will raise the league’s trophy for the second season! Which squad will claim the top prize and succeed last year’s champion, Knicks Gaming? It’s going to be another exciting playoffs tournament for the league!

Viewers can watch all the games live streaming on the official 2K League Twitch channel or on their YouTube Channel.