NBA 2K22 MyTeam Cards: Michael Jordan Returns in Limited Edition Packs

The G.O.A.T. is back, as his Airness, Michael Jordan is among the newest NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards. Over the past several days, NBA 2K has been releasing special limited-time packs. Gamers are able to purchase these within a specific window before they’re gone. Along with the packs, come some high-rated player cards, new agendas, and of course, Locker Codes!

NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards arrive in Limited-time packs

Right now, the best of the best in NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards are of the Pink Diamond variety. MJ himself gets a new 95 overall “Limited Edition” card which brings 95 Offense and 92 Defense to the virtual courts.

In addition, gamers get his 92 Shot Mid, 92 Free Throw, and 90 Shot Close, as well as 95s for Vertical, Stamina, and Hustle. MJ gets 92 Speed, 92 Acceleration, and 90 Defensive Consistency amongst his best attributes. There are also 17 Gold and six Hall of Fame Badges with the card.

Joining him in the latest limited-edition release packs are Ben Wallace, Joel Embiid, and Gilbert Arenas, each with Pink Diamonds. All four of these stars get 95 overall ratings. Of note, Wallace brings a stellar 99 Defensive rating which includes A 95 Help Defense IQ, 95 Block, and 94 Interior Defense. His rebounding is 95 for both offensive and defensive boards, while Wallace also has 98 Shot IQ.

Check out the NBA 2K22 MyTeam release trailer below and see details on all the new Limited Edition cards here.

Deluxe packs are currently selling for 15,000 NBA 2K Virtual Currency or 21,000 MT for five-card packs. A 10-pack deluxe box is 135,000 VC while the 20-pack boxes are 300,000 VC. Cards are also selling at the NBA 2K22 Auction House, but could be costly depending on which star you’re trying to get.

NBA 2K22 Locker Code and Season Agendas

Locker Codes arrive often with the NBA 2K22 MyTeam cards, and we’ve got a new one for the Limited Edition packs. With this code, it’s possible to get one of those new Michael Jordan cards or other Pink Diamonds mentioned above. The other rewards possible include a Limitless Takeoff Badge or Clutch Shooter Badge pack.

In addition to the packs and new cards, there are also new Season Agendas. Limited Edition Group 1 has a total of 19 of them. A new Season Agenda for Michael Jordan involves scoring 100 points with his card over multiple games. That will earn 3,500 XP. A bonus Jordan Agenda requires making 10 dunks over multiple games with an original owner version of the card. That’s worth 750 XP.

There’s a Ben Wallace Agenda which requires getting 30 rebounds in multiple single-player games, also worth 3,500 XP. Odom’s Agenda is to get two double-doubles over multiple games using his card, to earn 2,500 XP.

All of the Season Agendas can be viewed through the MyTeam main menu screen’s “Home” tab by choosing the box towards the left corner which says “View Season Progress.”

As of this report, gamers have less than a week to play out the Agendas for Season 1 Call to Ball. Next week will bring a brand new season with new rewards and agendas.

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