Bethesda Releases New Character Profile for Wolfhunter DLC

The next DLC release for The Elder Scrolls Online is the Wolfhunter DLC, an expansion pack themed around werewolves. The DLC is already available on the game’s private test servers, but Bethesda has yet to announce a specific release date for the full public launch. However, it is expected to be soon. The studio has released a new character profile on the Elder Scrolls Online website for Commander Varian; a major new NPC from Wolfhunter.

Commander Varian in the Wolfhunter DLC

“Should you assault the fortifications of Moon Hunter Keep,” begins the profile“you’ll need help from somebody on the inside. Learn about Commander Varian, one of the Order of the Silver Dawn’s most devoted soldiers…”

Commander Varian is a Major NPC in the Upcoming Wolfhunter DLC

This latest profile is part of Bethesda’s ongoing “Meet the Characters” series; a series of character profiles designed to give fans some insight into key NPCs. Commander Varian’s profile comes in the form of a fictional letter from one Captain Murzazir to Captain Abitius; “While I understand the threat that the Moon Hunter Pack presents to Tamriel,” states Murzazir, “I also understand that we do not have the resources to take them on alone. We cannot let our pride in the Silver Dawn allow good soldiers to die. However, knowing you, my pleas will fall on deaf ears. As such, I am sending Commander Varian along with this letter.”

Varian is set to be a major NPC in the Wolfhunter DLC; a member of the new Silver Dawn faction and a primary point of contact for players exploring the new content. Prior to the werewolf villain Vykosa’s attack on Moon Hunter Keep, Varian was part of the garrison but wasn’t at the keep on the day of the attack. As such, he is likely to hold a deep grudge against Vykosa and her pack, who slaughtered many of his fellow Silver Dawn members. Captain Murzazir remarks that; “I sincerely hope he does not allow this past tragedy to cloud his judgement.”

Moon Hunter Keep is One of the New Dungeons in the Wolfhunter DLC

Murzazir is seeking to dissuade Captain Abitius from staging an attack on Moon Hunter Keep; an attack he believes will fail and cause the deaths of the soldiers involved, including Varian. Presumably, that will be where the players come in; joining the Silver Dawn assault to turn the tables against Vykosa and her pack.