NHL 19 Community Team Of The Year Revealed Including Phil Kessel, Patrik Laine

The NHL 19 community has spoken and a brand new Team of the Year lineup has been unveiled. After compiling gamers’ votes, EA Sports revealed the new NHL 19 Community Team of the Year. It features a total of 20 deserving players split amongst forwards, defensemen, and goalies. Among the star players are the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Phil Kessel and Kris Letang, as well as Patrik Laine of the Winnipeg Jets.

Full NHL 19 Community Team of the Year lineup revealed

A tweet arrived via EA Sports’ NHL 19 profile showing off the entire group of 20 TOTY players. As with the World and North American TOTY lineups, there are 12 forwards, six defensemen, and two goalies. A total of six players with 99 OVR ratings also are part of the group.

Laine and Kessel are joined as 99 OVR forwards by Philadelphia’s Claude Giroux. Other stars in the group of forwards include 95-rated players such as Tyler Seguin, Max Domi, and T.J. Oshie. The defense is headed up by 99 OVRs Kris Letang (Penguins) and Chris Doughty (Kings), while there is a 99 Carey Price (Canadiens) between the pipes.

NHL 19 gamers and fans helped to create this team, although it hasn’t meant everyone completely agrees with it. As with most fan-voted lineups, there’s bound to be disagreements, but there may be a very strong case for one player, at least.

NHL 19 Community TOTY lacks Alex DeBrincat

In particular, many people are shocked to see the Blackhawks’ Alex DeBrincat is still not a part of this particular TOTY. DeBrincat has tallied 41 goals and 33 assists in 80 games played this season. He wasn’t part of the Young Guns TOTY or the Community’s picks, which is surprising. It could also be fans voting against the Blackhawks.

In addition, other people are surprised to see that Laine received the high 99 rating he has. The Jets’ forward has 30 goals and 20 assists this season. A strong case can be made that DeBrincat is one of those players with better numbers. Check out “The Cat” in action with his fourth NHL hat trick not long ago for further evidence of him deserving a spot on a TOTY.

However, this is more of a popular vote, similar to sports All-Star games where the results don’t always match up with who wins based on the actual stats. One thing to note is that Laine also has a 98 comp seasons card, so this new TOTY card at 99 makes sense.

Nonetheless, it’s a solid lineup of players who weren’t on the Young Guns, North American, or World TOTY rosters. Gamers can acquire the latest Community TOTY player cards through Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT) packs in the NHL 19 game now.