NHL 19 HUT Evolution 2 Cards: EVO 2 Includes Steven Stamkos, Erik Karlsson, & More

It’s been a while, but as of early 2019, a new batch of NHL 19 HUT Evolution cards is available. That’s exciting news for some gamers as the new promotion features star players who weren’t part of the previous Evolution series. Here are more details about the brand new EVO 2 reveal, who is involved, and how long it will last for HUT packs.

NHL 19 HUT Evolution 2 cards revealed

The EA Sports NHL Twitter dropped the latest EVO 2 news for Hockey Ultimate Team gamers on Thursday evening. Based on their tweet, some of the highest-rated players available in the second series of NHL 19 HUT Evolution cards are the San Jose Sharks’ Erik Karlsson (90), the Winnipeg Jets’ Mark Scheifele (90), and the Tampa Bay Lightning’s Steven Stamkos (89). The photo tweet below shows other players ranging from 82 up to 88 ratings for their EVO 2 cards.

The previous batch of NHL 19 HUT Evolution cards arrived back in October 2018. That included Nathan McKinnon, P.K. Subban, Taylor Hall, and Shayne Gostisbehere, among the highest-rated players. EA released the first series Evolution players in five tiers with different levels of value for players.

The Evolution Collectibles are attainable through Evolution Packs. Gamers were able to win the original Evolution Collectibles by participating in the competitive seasons, or through purchasing HUT packs. However, the EVO 2 cards are now in packs, or through assembling an EVO 2 set. Once a gamer assembles the EVO 2 set, they get to choose between three random EVO 2 player cards.

With Evolution series cards, the players are upgradable based on their real-life in-game NHL performances. That means if an EVO 2 player performs well in any month, the player’s overall rating rises on the card!

A post over on the NHL HUT subReddit indicated that there was a daily challenge in the works for Thursday, but due to some performance issues, it was delayed. Gamers will be eagerly anticipating when the next EVO 2 challenge arrives so they can start trying to add the newest HUT player cards.

The NHL 19 HUT Evolution 2 cards are available in packs until January 18, 2019.

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