NVIDIA Showcases Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing at CES 2019

NVIDIA recently released a number of video demonstrations as part of the CES 2019 press event. One of these was another incredible Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing demo made possible by their new RTX series of graphics cards. Unlike their last demonstration, this video features a deeper dive into how the feature works in different situations.

NVIDIA’s Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing Demonstration at CES 2019

Ray tracing is one of the most impressive new developments in graphics software in recent years, but at present it is only possible through one of the new RTX graphics cards. There are currently two such cards available in the series, the 2080 and 2080 Ti, while a third 2060 card is soon to be released. This latest card is set to bring concurrent ray tracing and DLSS support to games like Battlefield 5, further heightening the card’s performance when rendering highly complex visuals. As cutting-edge new cards, they are, of course, rather expensive. As such, it’s likely that only a small minority of PC players can currently take advantage of the feature in their own games.

However, as technology develops, ray tracing is likely to see more widespread use in games. Eventually, it’s entirely possible that the feature will become standard for many games at some point in the future. (Although that standardisation is likely to take years at the very least!) NVIDIA’s latest demonstration showcases the ability of the RTX cards to render real-time reflections in different surfaces; windows, moving water, puddles, and even the reflective metal surfaces of vehicles and weapons.

Battlefield 5 Ray Tracing CES Demo 2

With the release of the RTX 2060 drawing near, NVIDIA recently announced a new offer for their customers. Those who purchase one of the new cards can get either Battlefield 5 or Anthem for free. Anyone who purchases one of the more expensive 2080 or 2080 Ti cards can get both games for free! This offer is only available for a limited time, however.