Overwatch Might Be Coming to Nintendo Switch, Role Queue Update

Last year, there were some rumors about Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch. But later on, they were confirmed to be just rumors and nothing else. We all know that Diablo 3 was released for Nintendo Switch on November 2018. This played a huge part in increased earnings reports for Blizzard earlier this month.

Overwatch Coming to Nintendo Switch

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch

Earlier this week, Amazon accidentally published a listing for an Overwatch edition of Nintendo Switch. Now, you might be thinking that this could just be another fan-made skin for Nintendo Switch. But according to Wario64 on Twitter, it was “Officially Licensed by Nintendo and Blizzard Entertainment.” This means it’s an official product and that confirms that Overwatch might be coming to Nintendo Switch after all.

Role Queue Changes and Updates

Yesterday, Blizzard released a blog-post mentioning some of the changes that will be going live in Overwatch with Role Queue. Role Queue is a newly added feature in Overwatch that allows players to earn SR on each role. You can read the complete post here. Here’s what the blog-post said:

We’re monitoring the data very closely, and I can share some information here. Across all skill ranks, we do see higher queue times for players who specifically queue for Damage Only. Most damage players usually see 3-6 minute queues, unless they’re in the masters or grandmaster skill tiers. Players with very high SRs will always see higher queue times because there are fewer players of similar skill to match against them, but we’ve seen reports and have data showing some players are waiting 20-30 minutes. We’re investigating this and are already working on some matchmaker adjustments for future updates to help address the issue. If you can find a friend who plays Tank or Support, queuing together as a Damage/Tank or Damage/Support duo drastically reduces the queue times you’ll face.”

Overwatch was released on May 24, 2016, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.