PES 2019 Featured Players Of The Week For Feb. 10 Include Cristiano Ronaldo, Aguero

With Sunday, comes the arrival of Pro Evolution Soccer’s latest team of Featured Players of the Week. The latest edition for Feb. 10 includes some major stars on the pitch too. Among them are three players with a 90 or higher rating including Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Aguero. Here’s a look at who the latest representatives are for PES 2019 Featured Players of the Week.

PES 2019 Featured Players of the Week: Ronaldo, Aguero headline lineup

It’s no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo headlines this latest installment of PES 2019’s Featured Players team (see last week’s PES team here). He brings with him a 96 rating and so far gamers are loving the addition of CR7 to their team lineups. One commenter on Twitter said he’s played 30 games with the footballer, won 26 of them and scored 32 goals with Ronaldo.

Pro Evolution Soccer’s newest video promo clip features two other players with a 90 or better. They are Sergio Aguero with a 93 and Kalidou Koulibaly with a 90. Both of these players, as well as Ronaldo, were also part of the FIFA 19 Team of the Week so seeing the overlap isn’t surprising here. Other star players include an 87 Julian Brandt, and 86 Edin Visca. Check out some of the other available players in the clip below.

The PES Featured Players include those who showed their skills in recent games. These players will also tend to have higher stats than their normal player selves in the game. Gamers can sign these players through Special Agent up to three times. In addition, there has been an Online Challenge Cup where players could get a Special Agent Gold. That agent is able to sign Gold Ball or higher value players.

Keep in mind that the latest Featured Players are now available. A new batch of players arrives next weekend to help boost those team lineups.

For those gamers who want to fix up their Pro Evolution Soccer game to have all the licensed teams, check out our how to get real teams in PES 2019 guide. This works with the Sony PlayStation 4 only. Also, see our news about the PES Data Pack 4 update.

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