PES 2020 Demo Details: Teams & Release Date Announced for PS4, Xbox One

With the excitement of a brand new Pro Evolution Soccer title comes a demo for gamers to test out ahead of the official release. The PES 2020 demo details were recently unveiled online, giving gamers a preview of what to expect. That includes a number of football teams announced for gamers to use in the game and the official PES 2020 demo release date.

PES 2020 Demo Teams revealed

On Saturday (June 29), the PES League Twitter provided a tweet showing off the PES 2020 demo teams. So far, there are 11 teams that have been revealed. The PES demo teams will include fan favorites such as Arsenal, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, River Plate, and more. In addition to the 11 teams already announced, there are three teams set to get reveals in July.

The news of Arsenal’s inclusion in the game comes just a day after reports surfaced that the club renewed their sponsorship deal with Konami. Konami has been Arsenal’s video game partner dating back to 2017. The new agreement keeps that sponsorship going through 2022. The video clip below shows the reveal of the club’s new shirt.

It’s expected that Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium will appear as a venue in the game, along with the team’s kit and club players. Konami will also have access to Arsenal’s first-team players and legends players for promotion of the Pro Evolution Soccer title.

Check out the official PES 2020 demo reveal photo below including the playable teams so far.

As seen in the image above, gamers will be able to play online and also go into the edit mode for the new Konami game. This should give everyone a decent early test run for the upcoming PES 2020 title, slated for release this September.

Game demo release date, how to get demo for PS4, Xbox, PC

The game demo itself will run on Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, or for PCs on Steam. Gamers can access the demo to download and install on the desired console’s store. There is currently a demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 available for the various consoles and PC through the stores.

As far as a PES 2020 demo release date, that will be July 30. The new PES game itself arrives just under two weeks after that. You can see more details about the new Pro Evolution Soccer here including the game’s new features, gameplay trailer, and release date.

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