PlayStation 5 Release Window Could Be in 2020

Can’t wait to find out a release date for PlayStation 5? Well, it seems like we’re going to be waiting at least a little longer. Sony has yet to make an official release date announcement for the next gen console. In fact, there isn’t even a confirmed PlayStation 5 release window. But it looks more and more likely that the console will come out in the holiday 2020 window.

Why the PlayStation 5 Release Window Could Be 2020

According to, a “new report” states that the PlayStation 5 release window is going to be the 2020 holiday season. Additionally, it could be in November. Details on the ground are scarce, but this release date does seem logical.

Why? Because that is when Xbox Scarlett is set to release. So Sony would presumably want to jump in there and compete right away, not wait until a lot of gamers have decided to go ahead and get the Xbox Scarlett instead of waiting around for the PS5 to finally release.

Could the PlayStation 5 release window be 2020?

That being said, this is all still in the realm of rumor. So it is still possible that we could be waiting until 2021 for the PS5. This is still the direction that many analysts are leaning with their own predictions. So let’s just hope it isn’t true, because that would be a long time to wait.  Holding out until the end of 2020 would be a lot more tolerable.

But there has been a lot of news coming out about PlayStation 5 lately. For example, we have found out that PlayStation Now will be one of Sony’s priorities once the console releases. A patent also suggests that we could experience uninterrupted gameplay which is free of loading screens on the PS5. No wonder even though Sony never went to E3, it was still the third most-talked about company at the convention. Even knowing as little as we do about the PS5, it sounds like the next gen console is full of promise.

Whether or not Sony makes an official release date announcement soon (or even lets us know an official launch window), we do expect a lot more news about the PS5 to come out in the near future. You can keep up with all of the latest developments in our PlayStation news area. Whenever Sony does announce an official PS5 release date or release window, we will share it with you there.