PlayStation Players Can Now Get More Free Fortnite Items

Fortnite Battle Royale players who play the game on PlayStation 4 have another pleasant surprise from Epic Games. The game developer has decided to give them another free gift. This time, the cosmetic item pack contains three items, including an exclusive skydiving trail.

PlayStation 4 users can download the free cosmetic pack from PlayStation Store. This offer is exclusive for PlayStation Plus users, and it will be available for two or three months.

Free Fortnite cosmetic items

The free package

The exclusive PlayStation Plus package includes a glider, a pickaxe, and a skydiving trail. Once again, each item has a blue and white/black color scheme, which is also PlayStation’s color scheme. These are the names of the free items included in the pack:

– Flappy Glider
– Controller Pickaxe
– Skydiving Trail

In order to obtain the items above, PlayStation 4 users need to visit PlayStation Store and add the item to cart. Total price will be $0, which will allow all PlayStation Plus users to grab the pack for free.

Once Fortnite players obtain the pack, they will have to restart the video game to see the exclusive items. Additionally, these items can be used on other platforms, such as mobile devices and PC, if players link their PlayStation Network account to an Epic Games account.

Free Fortnite cosmetic items

Other packs

The first Fortnite PlayStation Plus exclusive pack was released on February 14. It included the Blue Team Leader outfit and the Blue Streak glider. The second Fortnite pack came out on June 12. Once again, it included an outfit, but Fortnite players also received an exclusive back bling with it.

Considering that Epic Games partnered with Sony, we can expect more free Fortnite packs of cosmetic items to come out. The first pack was available for almost four months, while the second one expired in less than three months. While we don’t know when the current pack will expire, it’s best to play it safe and grab it today if you are a PlayStation Plus user.