Potential Ultimate Alliance 3 Cover Art Leaked By Amazon Germany

Europe may have provided fans with yet another leak recently, courtesy of Amazon Germany. The retailer uploaded what appears to be the cover art to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Whether this is a mere placeholder or something much more permanent is impossible to say, but it’s still exciting news for fans scouring the internet for any shred of content related to the upcoming title.

Ultimate Alliance 3’s Potential Cover Unofficially Revealed

The first Ultimate Alliance title in ten years, The Black Order is set to be a triumphant return to the franchise this summer. This time Marvel has handed the reigns exclusively to Nintendo, who have subsequently entrusted Koei Tecmo’s renowned Team Ninja with the Switch exclusive. Revealed at the Game Awards late last year, this game has some Thanos sized shoes to fill.

The cover features some of the most prominent heroes in the Marvel Universe. Spider-Man and Ironman of the Avengers stand alongside Wolverine, all of whom were confirmed in the initial announcement trailer. Proudly amongst them is Captain Marvel, whose standalone movie is just days away from release. Placing some of the most recognizable and relevant characters on the cover makes sense, though four is an unusually small number compared to what has been featured on the series’ previous covers.

More information about Ultimate Alliance 3 was revealed during January’s Nintendo Direct as well. The X-Men’s presence in the game was confirmed, as well as the Defenders, and the aforementioned Captain Marvel. A look at the gameplay was provided too, noting the various super-powered abilities at players’ disposal. Nintendo also demonstrated how multiplayer will work as they confirmed both local and online co-op. These were all encouraging signs for fans of the series, as the publisher is clearly confident in Team Ninja’s ability to deliver what players love most about Ultimate Alliance.