Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Gameplay Video Shows Off Antoine Griezmann With FC Barcelona

A new video featuring Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 gameplay has arrived for football fans to check out. In particular, fans of Antoine Griezmann and the Barcelona football club will be happy to see their newest transfer on the virtual pitch. A brand new welcome video arrived for the football star on Saturday, courtesy of Konami’s PES 2020 game.

Griezmann joins Barcelona in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 gameplay video

Antoine Griezmann is officially with Barcelona in real life and the video game world. The French footballer signed a lucrative deal worth 120 million euros earlier this month. He’s tied as fourth most expensive player all-time, but video game fans can use Griezmann for a lower cost.

Griezmann previously played with La Liga’s Atletico Madrid starting in the 2014-15 season. During his past five seasons, he tallied 94 goals in 180 appearances. He’s also well known for the 2018 FIFA World Cup where he helped the French team capture the title. For his hard work throughout the tournament, he won the Silver Boot as well as the Bronze Ball. This past May, he made it known he was leaving Atletico for a new club. The rest is history.

He’s a welcome addition to Barca fans. His new team posted a special video putting the spotlight on the journey and the chance for a new start.

Konami is also giving the football star his respect ahead of the upcoming season via their PES 2020 title. Check out their video below showing off how Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann will look in the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 gameplay.

The Barcelona club is prominent in the first PES 2020 game trailer and early release details. Top star Lionel Messi is the game’s cover athlete, while the team itself is one of several clubs to have a partnership in place with Konami. That means more exposure for Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 gameplay this coming season, thanks to various promotions involving the team and its players. Antoine Griezmann is likely to be among those in promotions just based on the new video.

Konami also announced that the Manchester United and Bayern Munich clubs are partners. All three teams will be playable in an upcoming PES 2020 demo as well. That arrives at the end of July for gamers to test out the Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 gameplay even more. The full title will arrive in September 10, 2019, for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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