PUBG Corp Made $920 Million in 2018

The PUBG Corp had a nice year in 2018, making $920 million in PUBG sales and revenue. While that is its revenue, that isn’t the company’s profits. In terms of profits, specifically, the Battle Royale company made $311 million in profit. The PC sales accounted for majority of the profit and revenue last year, with mobile and console far behind.

All of these details regarding PUBG sales last year come from a recent post by PC was the most profitable for PUBG Corp with mobile and console nearly tied for third place. The PC sales, specifically, were $790 million in revenue for the company. Meanwhile, mobile was only around $65 million and console was in last place with $58 million.

pubg sales pubg revenue

In addition, PUBG Corp also got $6 million from other sources in 2018. Despite having such a strong mobile version of the Battle Royale game, revenue for it wasn’t super high. The reason for this, though, is actually because Tencent is the developer and publisher behind the mobile version of the game in China.

So, while we don’t know specifics, it is likely that PUBG Corp only gets a cut of that money. Interestingly enough, Asia made up more than half of PUBG Corp’s entire revenue for the year. The region made up $487 million of the revenue, which is around 53 percent of the total money made in 2018. While Fortnite is still going strong, it looks like PUBG isn’t giving up yet.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any direct revenue comparisons for 2018 since Epic Games is a private game and, therefore, isn’t required to release the relevant financial information to the public. For more stats, though, be sure to check out how Fortnite is still doing decent while Apex Legends is declining.