Rainbow Six Siege Operation Grim Sky Full Operator and Gadget Reveals

A series of previous teases from Ubisoft recently confirmed that the two new playable operators included in Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Operation Grim Sky update will be the shield-bearing defender Clash and the hard-breaching attacker Maverick. Now, Ubisoft has fully unveiled exactly how both Clash and Maverick will shake up the Siege meta with their unique operator gadgets.

Maverick's blowtorch will be highly versatile.

Coinciding with a panel that was held during last weekend’s Six Major esports event in Paris, this new post on the Rainbow Six Siege website has detailed the specific stats, weaponry, and gadget functions for both Clash and Maverick. The post’s accompanying video (which you can watch below) also relays much of the same information while also showing off plenty of gameplay footage for both the new operators.

Here’s a quick recap of Maverick’s and Clash’s main selling points:

  • In terms of operator stats Clash and Maverick are polar opposites, with Clash being a one-speed, three-armor defender and Maverick being a three-speed, one-armor attacker.
  • Maverick’s unique gadget, the Suri blowtorch, allows him to quietly make holes of various sizes in virtually any barricade type. The torch has a limited amount of fuel, but clever users can create highly exploitable sightlines for their teammates and even prepare nasty surprise traps by making a small hole near the floor and setting a claymore mine next to the hole.
  • Clash’s CCE shield makes her completely invulnerable to enemy fire from the front when deployed, and she can also trigger a ranged taser charge that both slows and damages nearby enemies. The taser works on a recharge mechanic, but if the charge is fully depleted the player will have to wait until it’s fully recharged to use it again.
  • Maverick’s Suri torch is much quieter than other hard-breaching methods, but it also requires more time and concentration for effective use, which can make Maverick players vulnerable to highly aggressive roaming defenders.
  • Unlike shield-bearing attackers, Clash cannot use her firearms or perform melee attacks with her shield deployed, and attackers can leave her temporarily vulnerable by hitting her with a melee attack or Zofia’s concussion grenade. The shield’s taser charge can also be disabled by Thatcher’s EMP grenades.

Operation Grim Sky will be launching on the Rainbow Six Siege test server later today, with a public server release planned for sometime next month. Along with the additions of Clash and Maverick, the upcoming update will also include a major rework for the existing Hereford Base map.