Resident Evil 2 Classic UI Mod Embraces the Nostalgia

The Resident Evil 2 remake does much to update and refine the presentation of its 1998 predecessor. However, if you’re a big fan of the original game you might be disappointed by how different the remake looks. If such is the case and if you’re playing on PC, there’s one mod in particular you should check out.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Classic UI Mod

Resident Evil 2 classic UI mod

The Classic UI mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake is pretty self-explanatory. The mod comes courtesy of dedicated Resident Evil modder Crazy Potato. We recently featured another of Crazy Potato’s mods which dresses Claire Redfield up as Regina from Dino Crisis. In fact, if you looked closely, the Classic UI mod was actually being used in the Dino Crisis mod footage.

Unlike Crazy Potato’s Dino Crisis mod, the Classic UI mod is freely available to download and use. The mod makes several tweaks to the remake’s user interface, bringing it more in line with the 1998 original. Just note that you’ll need a separate mod manager (which Crazy Potato links to) for the mod to properly function.

Specific tweaks include the following:

  • Swapping in the original Resident Evil 2 logo on the game’s main menu
  • Adding in classic-style save icons complete with retro character portraits for both Leon and Claire
  • A blue background for inventory and weapon slots
  • A retro-style health status indicator

If you want to see the Classic UI mod in action without downloading it yourself, Crazy Potato uploaded a video:

Granted, the Classic UI mod isn’t the most ambitious fan effort we’ve seen, but it’s still a fun nostalgic homage. Crazy Potato also clearly has a fondness for Capcom’s classic catalogue as the Classic UI and Dino Crisis mods prove. Here’s hoping Crazy Potato has more ideas for merging the Resident Evil 2 remake with its classic roots via mods.

If you’re looking for something a bit stranger, the remake’s Mr. X meets DMX mod is worth a gander. Yes, it is a real thing, and yes it is as glorious as you’re imagining it is.