Resident Evil 2 Fan Mod Combines Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine

I remember being quite the Thomas the Tank Engine fan when I was but a wee lad. However, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d one day see old Thomas in Resident Evil. And yet, thanks to the power of modding, here we are. A new mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake replaces Mr. X’s sound effects with something a bit more cheerful.

Resident Evil 2 Meets Thomas the Tank Engine

Resident Evil 2 Mr. X Thomas the Tank Engine mod

The Thomas the Tank Engine mod comes courtesy of dedicated Resident Evil modder DJ Pop. As you may recall, DJ Pop is the same prolific visionary behind the Mr. X/DMX mod. Once again DJ Pop has proven their mastery of swapping in custom sound effects for the Resident Evil 2 remake. Of course this time around they went for something a bit more kid-friendly.

Sadly, the mod doesn’t replace Mr. X himself with some sort of custom Thomas the Tank engine model. Instead, certain sound effects and audio tracks are changed to create some surprisingly upbeat chase sequences. Specifically, the mod changes three audio elements for the Mr. X encounters:

  • Swaps the Mr. X theme song for the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song
  • Replaces Mr. X’s thudding footstep sounds with audio of a moving steam train
  • Replaces Mr. X’s swinging punch sounds with Thomas’s steam whistle

Again, similar to the DMX mod, the sound effects play for all Mr. X encounters, scripted and otherwise. The one exception is during Leon’s final escape encounter, but only if you’re using the remake’s default soundtrack. If you’re using the retro soundtrack swap, the sound effects should work for all encounters.

If you don’t mind working with some advanced setup, there’s a separate mod that replaces Mr. X’s actual model. You don’t need this mod to utilize the sound effects mod, but the two make quite a pair for sure. I never knew that Thomas the Tank Engine could be so terrifying, but thanks to modding anything’s possible.

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