Resident Evil 2 ‘X No More’ Mod Removes Mr. X Entirely

Resident Evil 2 remake modders have found various ways to make the imposing Mr. X less terrifying. Giving him DMX jams or Thomas the Tank Engine sound effects can help, but for some players that’s not enough. Those who’d rather just remove Mr. X entirely can do so courtesy of a new mod called ‘X No More.’

Resident Evil 2 X No More Mod

Resident Evil 2 X No More mod

Developed by a modder named MaVeRick and available on Nexus Mods, X No More does exactly as described. The mod doesn’t lower Mr. X’s spawn chance or make him invisible, no it removes him entirely. With the mod installed Mr. X will no longer spawn in either random or scripted encounters during gameplay.

Oh, and before you ask, MaVeRick already covered the whole crashed helicopter issue. For those who don’t know, there’s a scripted sequence where Mr. X lifts a crashed helicopter, clearing a blocked hallway. For X No More users, the helicopter will lift on its own thanks to what MaVeRick calls a “friendly ghost.”

One could argue that removing Mr. X ruins the Resident Evil 2 remake’s horror atmosphere, but that’s merely semantics. I could see how the lumbering monster’s constant presence might turn some players off from even trying the remake. If removing Mr. X makes the game more fun for some people, more power to them.

Mr. X’s heavy footfalls still haunt my dreams some nights, so I certainly wouldn’t mind giving the mod a whirl. It’d also be interesting to see an official ‘No Mr. X’ mode in the form of DLC. However, I doubt Capcom would bite on such a DLC concept, hence why we need to turn to mods.

Installing the X No More mod is pretty straightforward, though it does require FluffyQuack’s Resident Evil 2 mod manager. Links and download instructions for the mod manager are available here. With the mod manager installed you can then add the X No More mod to its repository and enable it.